NGFP African Futures

Story Tellers

Our storytellers in Kenya, Nigeria and Pan African contexts have been working to explore digital futures using an innovative futures process.

The twenty two next-generation changemakers worked in three teams, centred on Nigerian, Kenyan and pan-African communities. The professional background of participants ranged from human rights defenders and community workers to organic farmers, cryptocurrency experts, doctors, educators, data scientists, technology policy researchers, entrepreneurs and international development professionals.

Teams and hosts

During the series, members of the Next Generation Foresight Practitioners (NGFP) network worked in three teams centered in Kenyan, Nigerian, and pan-African communities. Together with our hosts, facilitators and expert guests, we used a group foresight process to identify emerging signals and insights, explore alternative future scenarios, and generate visions for the worlds we want to create through stories, new media and artefacts from the future.


Cheryl Yugi
Duncan Koome
Frank Ogolla


Arthur Muliro


Arthur Mbanefo Digital Reserch Centre (UNILAG). Establishing digital facilities to support advanced research and post-graduate studies in Nigeria.

Civic Tech Innovation Network. Producing and delivering actionable learning for South African and African organisations and people active in or interested in digital innovation in government, transparency, governance, and accountability processes.

Society for International Development. SID is an international network of individuals and organizations founded in 1957 to promote social justice and foster democratic participation in the development process.

The conversations were informed and inspired by presentations from Tanja Hichert, Prof Alinah Segobye, Charles Onyango-Obbo and the artists, performs and scholars of the Orature Collective (Dr Mshai Mwangola, Zein Abubakar and Aghan Oderoagan)

Story design and narration

Webite design, creative illustrations and videos were designed by the amaxing team at TV Sense the the audio-visual production wing of TV Sense and Commons, a media think tank that specializes in providing documentary ideas and solutions in picture, video and audio formats to meet the divergent needs of individuals, organizations and empower the civic space.


Jesse John

Saleem Salahudeen

Ibrahim James

Story Narrators

Elizabeth Dashuwa

Jennifer Osuide

Judith Johnson

Kaneng Rwang Pam.

Oyewusi Philemon

Rwang Pam Jr

Zainab Bala


Afrian Digital Futures was convened by the School of International Futures, a non-profit practice that seeks to use foresight to help build a better, fairer world for future generations and SOIF’s Next Generation Foresight Practitioners (NGFP) programme, which exists to accelerate the transformation of the next generation of changemakers using foresight as a key tool to envision inclusive and equitable futures globally. With over 350 members from 69 countries across 6 continents, the NGFP network is one of the largest global networks of future-alert activists and practitioners in the world

The project was supported and funded by Omidyar Network and we are grateful to everyone who helped to make the project happen including the designers and story narrators, our regional hosts, as well as the SOIF and NGFP team that designed and convened the project.


Passy Amayo

Julie Jenson Bennett

Future Process

Pupul Bisht

Johann Schutte


Cat Tully