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Visions for healthy data governance

The stories we share here represent imaginative yet plausible digital futures in Africa. They can be used in many different ways and by different audiences and stakeholders to inform policy, investments and consumer behaviour to disrupt the conversations in the continent. They are shared as a starting point for continued conversations across the African continent and African diaspora, with more communities, changemakers, educators and policymakers.

Our Future World

Brian WamukotaRoselyne Wanjiru

In a world where oneness and inclusivity are desired, data is the key to enlightening, connecting, and empowering people to realize their potential.

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Narrator: RWANG PAM JR.
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All Animals are equal

Saraphina AmbaleShem Omasire

Good Data Governance not only ensures accountability, transparency and efficiency, but it helps to build inclusion and bridge the divide in our world.

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Tribes of Future Past

Mutsa Samuel

It is a journey of self. It takes you to the future of African innovations and discoveries. It’s a call to self-consciousness to build the Africa of our dreams.

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Narrator: Zainab Bala
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Rahma Ben Lazreg

This is a futuristic insight of what Africa can become if we take control of our digital space and good data governance becomes the centre of innovation.

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Narrator: Kaneng Rwang Pam
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Unplug Africa

Nancy MuigeiOluwaseun David

When we take a pause, unplug ourselves for a bit, rethink our choices, we may take control of our digital destinies.

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Narrator: Rwang Pam Jr & Elizabeth Dashua
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