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The Green Party of Kenya Manifesto 2030

With the right information, citizens would nurture a sustainable environment responsibly, and bring a sense of community in other aspects of politics.
Frank OgollaIman Bashir

The Green Party of Kenya (GPK) is asking for your vote this coming election! Our campaign is simple and effective. It begins with reviewing the strides Kenya has made thus far under the leadership of the GPK. We envision a better future. A future that brings all Kenyans together through mother nature, realizing the ideas our trailblazers like Wangari Mathai left with us.  Shunning tribal politics but focusing on tackling national challenges such as climate change. The GPK has already guided Kenya in tackling the diverse effects of climate change.  GPK will now secure a complete victory for Kenyans. 

The re-election of the GPK will uphold the values developed over the last decade. These values have allowed Kenya to emerge as a Green Giant on the continent. These values have allowed us to rid ourselves of smog and have cleaner air and clear rivers. 

In only a decade, billions have gone into financing renewable energy at a national level. We have patented several sustainable technology developments that have not only improved the lives of Kenyans but allowed us to make giant economic feats. We have harnessed more renewable energy in the past decade than we have since we began creating our energy. We have created millions of jobs for the youth and brought down the animosity youth had on social media towards the government. We did this by substantially involving them in our decisions and allowing them to make their own in the revolutionary ‘Parliamenteen.’ This is an online parliament where the youth generate legislation and ensure its implementation.

The last decade has not been without its challenges. We had to fight against imposing powers that harkened to a colonial era, powers that attempted to colonize our renewable energy resources much like they colonized our non-renewable ones. We secured our resources and are in complete control of our sun, wind, and water. We will not choose between our resources and our freedom. 

Under the GPK, Kenyans have developed different priorities. Our politics has brought all Kenyans united through environmental change. Our politics is no longer about “the grass is greener on the other side”, but on our side.

The images out of Kenya and Africa by the media are usually targeted to create an ideology of desolation, starvation, and suffering. The future we envision for Kenya is filled with powerful imagery of clean air, clear skies, and waters. It is filled with sustainable cars on superhighways, factories without smog chimneys, and lush green cities. We need to counteract these images with the truth about the strides we have made as a country. We need to bring to the forefront home-grown stories of the successes we have achieved and tell our reality.

The GPK has led an initiative that the common mwananchi (ordinary citizens) is equipped with the knowledge to handle and develop day-to-day green technology, such as farmers handling complex irrigation equipment. Citizens are more aware of the impact of climate change. They embrace the tech advancements in Wastewater treatment, Elimination of industrial emissions, recycling of waste management, self-sufficient buildings, and transportation. 

Politics have a new face to them. Our politics is no longer based on tribal lines or ethnic relations. The citizens have the information at their fingertips because of their awareness of the impacts a polluted environment will have on everyone in Kenya, regardless of tribal lines. This has brought a sense of comradery in the face of the communal and global challenges of climate change and environmental degradation. 

All citizens are responsible for keeping the environment clean and maintaining the green party movement. This sense of communal responsibility is maintained by ensuring that all the citizens have the correct information to protect the environment for ourselves and our future. This awareness will ensure a sustained sense of responsibility in all personal and national actions. Concerning this environmental consciousness, this information will bring a sense of community in other aspects of politics that have previously been riddled with partisan and tribal rhetoric.


Where the grass is greener on this side

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