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This is a world where people’s competence and ability to deliver matters more than anything else. The single identity is humanity.
Gideon OlanrewajuZainab Yunusa

“Have you ever wondered how a world where women have equal access to opportunities and resources looks like?” Well, we welcome you to “Feminist Future”. Here, all human lives and rights finally matter. We do not discriminate, and everyone has equal access to opportunities. Amina Muhammed has been the President for two years now, and her cabinet comprises an equal number of male and female ministers. Imagine that! It was finally that election of our dreams. For the first time, we used Electronic-voting. Everyone, including the poor, aged, and persons with disabilities in remote communities voted with their gadgets: phones, tablets, etc. And guess what, their votes mattered. Both young and old, from Lagos to Borno, Calabar to Sokoto have equal employment rights and their basic needs are being catered for. Now, we can even follow how our taxes are being spent, for what, by who, and when. But you know what? That was only possible because the government listened to the suggestions we made during the national weekly online data polling. What amazes me more than ever is that they used our data for the reason they obtained it. We continually express our opinions freely too, because our data is adequately protected. Not only do our people inform the design of different grassroots initiatives, but we are also engaged and empowered to deliver the dividends “for the people, of the people, and by the people”.

Now, all political office holders announce their assets before and after their leadership tenures. Chioma in Ebonyi can confirm how much Ayuba is worth before becoming a Minister through a simple online portal. Hope it is not shocking for you to know that we now have 7 past political leaders who are now in prison for failing to declare their asset, and also for bribery and corruption. We can now track all development projects across the nation with just a push of a button on our phones. Last week, Benjamin from Eti Osa in Lagos reached out to the Development commission to share that all the roads in his hometown in Abakaliki are now accessible. His young sister that uses a wheelchair can now conveniently shop at their nearby mall and visit the bank on the 7th floor of her office block because there are lifts.

Well, things have changed; Married couples now take parental leave to care for their newborns. It is no longer strange to find a lot of women in leadership positions. For instance, Ngozi who is a PhD holder had just become the head of Northern Space Corporation. Her partner, Ahmad, has been taking care of their new baby – thanks to the new parental leave benefit. We are now in a world where people’s competence and ability to deliver matters more than anything else.

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