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Our Future World

In a world where oneness and inclusivity are desired, data is the key to enlightening, connecting, and empowering people to realize their potential.
Brian WamukotaRoselyne Wanjiru

Our Present Day

In our day-to-day lives, we make decisions in all aspects of our living. These decisions are based on or predetermined by past occurrences or discoveries. For example, we go or take our children to school because we have seen that educated people have a better life than those who didn’t. We purchase a certain brand of clothing because it is associated with celebrities, success, or what we love. Football fanatics will go for their respective football club jerseys because they love and are associated with that football club. What this shows is that over time mankind has made decisions on pre-existing knowledge and documentation that we call Data.

Data is a tool

Data can therefore be defined as a piece of information, especially facts or numbers collected to be examined and considered and used to help in decision-making. Discoveries over time have helped humanity cope in this world, as seen in new and modern transport systems; novel ways of doing agriculture by incorporating technology; weather forecasting to healthcare innovations, and the list goes on. We, however, run the risk of misusing data and can misguide the public or individuals when making decisions. Hence, it’s important to have some regulations that protect and guard against misuse of data. This is called data governance.

Data Governance is the key to a new world

Data governance (DG) is the process of managing the availability, usability, integrity, and security of the data in enterprise systems, based on internal data standards and policies that also control data usage. Effective data governance ensures that data is consistent, trustworthy, and not misused. The Internet was first introduced in Africa on 21st August 1995 in Ghana. Over the years, it has spread to the entire continent and currently stands at 22% connectivity. The African Union has set the goal of connecting every individual, business, and government on the continent by 2030. This is done with support from the World Bank Group. 

A world at One – We dare to imagine

In a world where oneness and inclusivity are desired, data is the key to enlightening, connecting, and empowering people to realize their potential. It also assists in creating collaborative spaces where different cultures and economies can thrive from shared synergies. The people are in power, and those in power are transparent and accountable. Data isn’t weaponized, thanks to globally recognized standards on data access, use, and dissemination. 

All hands on deck, at one with nature and our environment.

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