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All Animals are equal

Good Data Governance not only ensures accountability, transparency and efficiency, but it helps to build inclusion and bridge the divide in our world.
Saraphina AmbaleShem Omasire

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In this world, all animals are equal. Unlike the situation in Animal Farm, George Orwell’s 1945 novel where “some (animals) are more equal than others”. Here, the world in our vision is characterized by equity. The different animals are the different humans on the planet defined by their age, race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, sexuality, and other demographic identities. Discrimination and bias based on any demographic factor are minimal in this world, if at all existent. “Benefit of the doubt” is a major world concept,  primarily driven by the faceless nature of most online interactions and transactions.  Trust is given until broken. In this world, direct democracy is truly at work. Every individual participates in their local governance with a high degree of autonomy from the larger government structure. People within their provinces,  counties, wards, communes or even villages have the right to self-determination through referendums and even the right to secede.  

Visually, this planet looks like a colony of ants, although a digital ant colony. Ant colonies are communal and efficiently organized. In the same vein, the humans in this world relate, connect, consume, create and destroy in a manner that reveals high degrees of communality and efficacy. Since humans from disparate regions of the world can collaborate efficiently and simultaneously on issues,  digitalization is enhancing numerous interactions and activities. The societal model in this world is also akin to an ant colony due to the improvement of physical transport networks. Better roads and more efficient electric vehicles,  efficient rail and air transport are powered by sustainable energy such as hydrogen. Internet access is provided by satellite, which enables connectivity to even the remotest regions on the planet. Technology in this world works for the people, and does not “work the people.” 

This future also imagines a corporate-run world, with a huge power difference between ordinary humans and the corporations that provide critical services, and in effect, govern the world. 

Good Data Governance in this world infers a democratized process of maintaining systems and formal control over data-related responsibilities for various sectoral power groups. Data governance will determine both the use and protection of such data. Accountability, transparency, and efficiency are core principles of good data governance in our “all animals are equal” world. Everyone has power in this world.  Wi-Fi connectivity is both affordable and effective, facilitating swift and efficient global communication. There are no divisions based on economic status (Hustlers versus Dynasties). We have leaders that are transparent and accountable – leaders who do not use their positions for personal benefits but for the benefit of those they represent, creating equity in Kenya, Africa, and the world at large. In this world, citizens not only have voices but power as well. This is a world with a balance between people and power. 

What inspires us to keep moving forward in this world is the “what next” factor. Despite our past beliefs or our fears of repeating past mistakes, we still move on and build a new norm. We are optimistic in this new world. We give chances to strangers enabling them to make things happen in ways close to perfection. We give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

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